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Help Street Children in Overcoming all Obstacles

Children dwelling on streets are most prone to abuse. The atrocity of abuse is extensive and affects them mentally and physically. Having no care and love by their side, it gets really difficult for the street children to move on in life. Street children who are intellectually deficit need special environment, infrastructure and care. Read this piece of information to understand more about mental health of street children.

The children are mostly addicted to drugs and this simply adds to the plight of dwindling mental health of them. It is important to rescue these children and give them better lives. How can we do it? The effort taken by every individual is the only way to bring a change in the society as a whole. 

In the process of street children rescue, there are several NGOs that are engaged in working for these children. One of them being Salaam Baalak Trust. The team at SBT relentlessly works to provide the adequate amount of love and affection. From giving shelter homes, access to education to engaging children in curricular activities, SBT is doing what not. You can help in the same manner too.

Children with special needs need special provision which are expensive and any contribution towards their education will make a major change in their lives and in our work. You can help by either donating to SBT or by organizing any volunteering activity. Monetary help always does wonders and aims to stimulate the activities that are dedicated to the welfare of the children. Volunteer activity pertains to any personality development based activity that you can do. You can organize a computer learning course as well. This helps children in multidimensional ways. In addition, you can shop things that have been handcrafted by the children of Salaam Baalak Trust. If you buy, you are not only helping but also appreciating the talent of the children. 

Salaam Baalak has been working in the area of children’s welfare for last several decades. It is their efforts that has helped so many children in shaping their lives. You can also be a pillar of support for them. Go ahead now!


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